I started my graphics career when I was just nineteen, working my way to one of Sri Lanka’s largest marketing buisnesses. In 2011 I came to the USA to attend International Children’s Ministry  Institute (ICMI), in Litchfield IL. It was here that I met my wife and three years later we were married! Now we have two beautiful children, Matthew and Abigail.

It had always been a desire of mine to start my own printing business so with very humble beginnings that is exactly what I did. My first printers were from second hand shops that I crammed into our little living room apartment. Overtime I was able to move into my very own store front in Hillsboro IL. AJ Banners has now grown to not just banner printing but a wide verity, including T-shirts, mugs and accessories, yard signs, and so much more.

Both my wife and I have been involved in ministry and been in missions for many years. So at AJ Banners we love catering to the needs of the church and especially smaller church bodies. We know the value of their message and want to do our part to help out.